White Rabbit …

Tradition holds that the first words you should speak at the start of a new month is, “white rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit” Do this, and you will have good luck and fortune all month. Or so they say. Of uncertain origins, it is felt that it is linked to farming as farmers will use it for a good harvest.

We always try and remember to do this, but more often than not, we forget! Instead, we do try to maintain a positive outlook throughout each month and eagerly look for opportunities for excitement and adventure. Those little things that will bring a smile to a troubled face and we can say to ourselves, ‘That’ll do’

Today’s garden has been a washout. Torrential rain throughout and howling winds. Leaves are falling all over in varying shades of yellow and brown. Two days of dry weather is all I need to get out with the lawn rake and collect them all. In truth, I need to do this daily now until all the leaves currently on the deciduous trees have fallen. Easier said than done, but I stand ready for that break in the weather.

There are gardeners who would complain at falling leaves and the clearing up they need but in our case, we use this natural event to help find those smiles. When it’s dry, I will get outdoors into the garden with our son, looking up into the sky I will push him round in his wheel chair and try and catch each one as they fall over us, When we can’t move around, we just sit and let them fall on us. The big ones, the little ones, the yellow, the brown, even those which are still green, stuffing them all into bags to turn into leaf mould and use to mulch and feed the following years soil.

Even when it rains and we cant get out, we can look outside through our sons favourite windows and watch them falling. Looking out across the decking we can focus our sons mind away from his torment and count the number of different coloured leaves that lie all around. Even the raindrops running down the window can bring a smile as we follow each one as they run down the window. We create races with them and we run our fingers along the path they take.

November heralds the start of Advent on 28th and our plans also move towards Christmas. A challenging time due to all the changes in our sons routine. In future posts I’ll explain how we ensure he enjoys the surprises of the festivities, rather than fearing them as many people who have autism do. I will also explain how Christmas Carols and the church service also help create a calmness in his mind and a peace in his heart.

White Rabbit? It’s a bit of fun, but the understanding and awareness of family love creates all the luck and fortune we need.

4 thoughts on “White Rabbit …

  1. Your descriptions have me eager for autumn! It still looks like summer where I live – green grass, bees and flowers, green leaves – but today was actually pretty chilly. I can’t wait until leaves are piled in the yard again.

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    1. Thank you so much Kaleigh. Autumn is wonderful season, usually dryer than we are having this year and the rain is preventing much from being done in the garden. Your own season will change and autumn (or fall) will follow. Once all the tidying up is done, I like to think of it as a pause, in readiness for spring – though even here, there are signs of spring growth already. Take care πŸ™‚

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