A splash of colour …

… anywhere in the garden is such a welcome sight right now. All my bravado through the spring and summer over the amount of colour we have, comes crashing down when autumn arrives as flower after flower begins to fade and die. So few remain. But they are there and the geranium Rozanne, planted earlier in the year has grown well, establishing strong roots and now creeping so beautifully entwining itself throughout the borders. Flowers looking fresh and alive even through the torrential rain and buffeting winds.

Heleborus Niger is another winter favourite. Commonly known as the Christmas Rose, its pure white flowers already opening, but will remain until well after Christmas.

Poor sunlight and shorter days work against many flowers, but if we look hard, and often underneath the evergreen leaves from those plants with evergreen foliage, the secret garden of winter colour can still be be found.

Oriental grasses, in our case this Pennisetum – Red Head is now fading. The purple feathery flowers which have been with us for some time, and the leaves are all fading. It is deciduous and eventually it will be cut down, but I will leave them as features as long as they remain architecturally striking with frosts and snow covering them. Sadly we do get a lot of rain and when the dead leaves become sodden and limp, they look far better cut back in readiness for next years growth.

Another day raking up fallen leaves. A job which I need to do to ensure the lawns are free from damaging sodden leaves that will just create die back if left. Those fallen on the borders are less of an issue as they will rot down and improve the soil but I need to ensure that any which lie there are not restricting light or air from early flowering bulbs and flowers which may suffer if left. Even here it is better to clear the leaves and reintroduce them to the boarder as well composted mulch and placed around the plants.

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