A week in the life …

Those who have followed our story will understand the challenges our son faces. A theme I use is ‘a day in the life‘ to write about how he deals with such challenges. As his condition means that each day is like stating again for him and all memories need to be rebuilt from scratch, I have often though my theme would better reflect his health if I call it ‘a life in a day’.

This week is no different to others, but for the number of medical appointments he needed to attend.

Annual Flu jab, done! Annual health assessment, done, eye test and optical health check, done. These appointments have been planned for some weeks and entered onto his picture diary, allowing us to talk about each one in the extreme detail that our sons autistic mind demands. Gradually, the acceptance of the appointment became less of a fear and we were able to accomplish each one without too much issue.

That is except for the required appointment today. At our sons health assessment, we raised our concern about a ‘mole‘ that we believe has changed shape and texture. It is suspected from todays appointment that our son has developed a Melanoma. A biopsy is being appraised and we have to wait on the verdict. We believe we have caught it early but we also wonder how much more our son is going to have to endure.

In writing this blog post, I do so with a message to everyone who reads it. Please don’t neglect any aspect of your health that may be different. A new and continuous cough. A mole or spot that changes or weeps. Maybe even screening appointments. Eye tests, hearing tests. In our sons case we make sure he has regular check ups. He is unable to manage his health himself and we need to be aware of everything which may affect him. We also ensure our own health screening is up to date as our son depends upon ourselves and we need to remain fit and healthy. Are you in a similar situation? it is easy to put off these things, but even with the pandemic all around us, it is essential to spot illness early and have them dealt with.

As with our sons eye test this week when he had a seizure at the opticians, he also had a seizure as we were in the clinic investigating this melanoma, Our son and myself were supported on both occasions which is so helpful and tomorrow is a lazy day and an opportunity for him to spend quiet time processing all that has taken place this week.

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