A life, in a day …

Never more so has the thought of a whole life being experienced in the period of a day.g As our son experiences seizure after seizure each day, and sadly every day, his thoughts and memories are wiped away and replaced with confusion and pain.

It is said that a person who has epilepsy also needs the resilience to understand that resting is needed for their recovery. Memory loss occurs, attention is lost, and pain engulfs the body without mercy.

Increasingly we find that our son starts each day almost without knowledge of what took place the previous day, or any thought for what may happen the next … or even if there is a tomorrow. His life is, in the current day.

It’s difficult. For him, and for us. His care is imperative, even if a challenge. Understanding his thoughts during times of pain and fear is essential, as is endeavouring to fulfil some sense of achievement each and every moment we can.

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