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I’m not sure if my writings are read by many, I don’t take too much interest looking at statistics and coverage, the most popular day or time this blog is looked at. I’m not writing to attract numbers, but rather, I’m writing to share a story. A journey that may be of interest, it may even be of help in certain circumstances.

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to wish you all a wonderful day. I find the excitement of getting together and sharing both stories and gratitude’s with loved ones and maybe even strangers, romantic and rewarding. There is a magic in the occasion that I hope continues, always.

Realising that Thanksgiving falls tomorrow in the USA, I’m sitting in the centre of our own decorated home with my wife and son, and of course our cat and dog and though the year, the last two years have been awful for us all, there are moments that I’m sure we can all look on, maybe not today, but in days or weeks to come, when we can contemplate all we have, and be grateful for.

Through his illness, our son reminds me how fragile life is, and yet even within that fragility, there is a resilience and strength, which I believe to be heaven sent, to support us through all the trials and tribulations we each must face. I don’t think that any family has escaped the impact of the pandemic, either through loss, or through some other hardship. There has been the wonder of communities coming together and offering a hand in friendship in a way maybe never seen before, certainly in my generation. Those heroes who have continued against all the odds to provide services to us all, even at risk of their own personal safety.

“Thank you”, “I’m sorry”, “I love you”, are phrases that seem so simple to say, but do we. If there is one thing I have learned personally over the last couple of years is that when life is unexpectedly taken away and you have, or had, something to say, don’t wait, the opportunity can so easily get taken from you. I am grateful that my immediate family is here with me. I have however lost three members of our wider family to this awful virus and in truth, never got to tell them the things I should.

Likewise, the opportunity to go on an adventure or an experience are ones I say ‘go for’ and make them happen. I know there are many who like ourselves, need to plan that little bit more to make them happen due to conditions that make inclusion a greater challenge, but I recall years ago, the day we raced across a field of long grass with our son in his wheelchair and the monumental task we had getting our son on the ‘Water-Shute’ ride at the fairground, but afterwards, the thrill of having done it, and the pictures we have of the absolute joy on his face following these and others is just magical, for him, and for us.

I would also thank those of you who have followed our story, quietly, or having given us such wonderful support and encouragement, sharing in our fun, and listening when we get down, your friendship is so very welcome, and our gratitude in being able to call you friends, is priceless.

Happy Thanksgiving, as the first Sunday of Advent is this coming Sunday, Happy Advent and let me be early in wishing you all a very Merry Christmas for when it arrives.

2 thoughts on “Something to say? …

  1. I am sorry to hear you lost family members to this dreaded virus. I have had three family members contract it the last two weeks, but luckily all seem to have had it mildly.
    I love your tree and all it’s memories. I am about to get mine set up this next week… I love that time, playing Christmas music and choosing where to put the decorations. As I place each one I remember where I got it from, or in the case of the “wall tree”, when I made it, as all the decertations are homemade and unbreakable just in case the tree falls off the wall!!


    1. That sounds just wonderful Sandi. You paint a lovely picture of your own Christmas preparations. I do hope your family continue to recover well. Take care 🙂


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