A window to a world outside …

When the rain falls. When the winds blow. When snow is seen in the icy cold wind, blowing relentlessly from the north. There is no possibility of a wheelchair user to engage with anything outdoors.

Supporting a reluctant person with special needs when every little detail, every activity is anticipated with fear, we pray that all conditions come together just perfectly.

On a day like today, a favoured window is ideal for us to sit at and just while away some time, looking for opportunities to occupy a troubled mind and bring peace, even for a few minutes.

Our resident robins visit daily and sing to us. They fear not about the weather. Looking into the window with cocked heads as if singing to us, ‘come on out, it’s not that bad’, and yet we hide indoors in the warm and watch. The robins are joined by sparrows, by blue tits, great tits, coal tits and long tailed tilts. We have found our daily feeding with sunflower hearts to be favoured by these birds. Robins need to be ground fed as they struggle with with hanging feeders. Fat balls hang in a feeder that attracts them all as well and there are often up to eight long-tail tits all hanging on together. Interestingly, they are always in pairs, there is never a lone one arriving to eat.

Of course, all the fallen seed and crumbs is eagerly scavenged by the woodpigeons, rooks and blackbirds. Occasionally we see the woodpecker fly in. Particularly for the fat balls. I explain in vain to our son that feeding these birds is like working in a restaurant. Different feed type, different feeding station and even those we deter from getting in to the feeders for the small birds are fed by scattering feed on the lawns for them. My explanation is lost on him, too much information for him to process and so I leave it, instead just pointing out the different birds flying in.

During the freezing weather I have had to dig out the ice that has formed in the bird baths and fill up again with clean rain water. As soon as I have completed it the sound of fluttering wings as the birds arrive to bathe and to drink.

Even now, so early in the year, the birds are finding bugs and beasties all over to eat that our seed seeks to supplement. In time the aphids will arrive and offer another meal to these visiting little birds.

I talk to our son about our bugs hunts. A long time has passed since we have been bug hunting and I talk about our plans to explore the garden for besties when it gets warmer. Frogs and toads, newts, dragonflies, and damsel flies, butterflies, ladybirds, bees and hover-flies in years gone by we have managed to attract them all.

Today is all about keeping warm and keeping dry, tomorrow is all about, adventure …

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