A Gardener’s Diary – 3rd Feb

Cold, wet, windy. My five minutes in the garden today was all too brief. I’ll do ten minutes tomorrow I tell myself. Sitting indoors with a hot mug of tea, and watching the early stages of the Winter Olympics on TV, Curling and Ice Hockey, I’m wracked with guilt that I could and indeed should, have done more.

I put my coat back on and made a conscious effort to walk around the gardens and really look at the signs of new growth and what is beginning to grow. As everyone does, I’m sure, there are favourites that I just hope will show the early signs of growth and when they are indeed seen, a warmth flows through my body, knowing that all will be well. Others, like thalictrum delavayi (pictured here) and the Acer will not reveal themselves for weeks yet.

The inspection took about fifteen minutes. I’ve banked another couple of days worth of five minute gardening activity I try and kid myself. In fact, it was very useful time spent as I have also marked up those perennials that will need dividing and replanting in the coming days.

Now, back to the Olympics and another brew!

2 thoughts on “A Gardener’s Diary – 3rd Feb

  1. I had to smile at your description of walking around the garden, as I did something similar just yesterday! Several spring flowers are beginning to show colour; jasmine, primula, pansies, Lenten roses and even a winter flowering clematis. But, like you, I saw so much I need to do, so walking around does not cut it! Back breaking work is necessary!

    Sorry I missed Marc’s birthday yesterday. Please wish him a very happy birthday from me. And does he know he was born on the American Groundhog day! (Apparently the groundhog saw his shadow so that means another six weeks of winter… but as we would say in the north – Codswallop!)


    1. LOL πŸ™‚ Marc says ‘thank you’ Sandi. I hadn’t realised about Groundhog day on the same date. I’m late replying Sandi, but the weather is still awful up here. Endless and relentless rain has waterlogged the lawn again. I’m reading this months Gardeners World and Garden Answers, and they both show jobs to do this month, but they are all in the dry and sun. I think I’ll start crossing the month out and writing in March or even April before we get something similar. Here’s to the day we can get to that back breaking work πŸ™‚


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