Wintery Showers …

No one in their right mind should be outdoors gardening when the weather is like it is. Temperatures down to no more than +2C and a northerly wind adding to the chill factor. Sunshine suddenly sweeping across the garden, followed by heavy hail showers and freezing rain. Just enough time to walk swiftly around our grounds and to see all that is happening.

Lawns absolutely waterlogged. I need to add drainage underground, or additional ‘all-weather’ walkways to connect existing paths to each other to avoid the additional damage of walking on wet or frosted grass.

Spring bulbs just continue to do what they do best by forcing their way up through these waterlogged lawns, through the still lying fallen leaves from last autumn and winter and in the border beds, crying out to us “we are here”

An, as to yet hang bird nesting box, still sitting on out bistro table on the decking is receiving constant attention by a couple of Blue Tits. In and out of the round opening, I’m thinking, I cannot move it now and need to plan to have our coffee’s – when the weather picks up – around this obviously desirable residence so as not to disturb it.

The tell tale ‘ping’ of an email dropping into my mail box reminds me of the up coming Hydrocephalus awareness week. When our son was born, this was the first condition he had to face and we had to learn about. It had very nearly taken his life only hours after he was born. The support group ‘Shine’ is an apt name suggesting that even with such a condition and its side effects, a person can still shine and achieve in life. Formerly known as ‘Association of Spina Bifada and Hydrocephalus’ (ASBAH) it was a representative from this charity who spoke to myself and my wife while he was still fighting for life in hospital, only days after he was born. Back then we didn’t want to know what they had to say to us. Nothing they said could give us hope. Dismissing their approach was the first of many mistakes we came to regret as we learned to parent a special needs child.

Ever since, and wanting to make amends, I always seek to create awareness for this condition and will talk about it and our experience in greater detail during the awareness week in March.

Of course, both Autism and Epilepsy is also close to our hearts and story and as their respective awareness weeks come up, I will talk about how they have impacted our son as well and provide links to valuable information sources. All I ask is forgiveness as I indulge in talking about these conditions that both create nightmares as well as magical moments.

The ground continues to be covered in hail, just as it starts to melt away another shower falls and all that can be done is to put the kettle back on and settle in for another day watching the Winter Olympics.

2 thoughts on “Wintery Showers …

  1. Talk about swings and roundabouts with the weather. On Friday, I managed to dry a whole line of laundry outside, probably for the first time in months! Today it would be wetter than when I put it out, as it is ‘chucking it down’!

    I have jasmine flowering, Lenten roses, pansies and primulas…. what happened to the snowdrops and the crocus I have no idea!! lol

    I like the idea of the bird house on the table, as long as the tree bees don’t find it and take up residence! Thee years ago our blue-tit box was invaded, and although they didn’t bother us, as such, we stayed well away from the bird box for four months! On the upside, we had the best crop of pears we have ever had… the tree bees like pear blossom!

    For all our sakes, I hope spring comes soon, we need to be outdoors in the warm spring-like air. In the mean time, snuggle up on the settee and watch the Olympics!


    1. It remains awful here Sandi. From all accounts this week is going to be a washout and maybe even snow from Thursday! Our crocus have been slow this year, but we are getting the golden flowers just poking through. It’s so cold and wet, they are not opening as they would obviously like to, and so they sit in their pots and throughout the lawn like little flames, almost, but not quite. Take care and fingers crossed for the sun 🙂


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