Already! …

The thud of mail landing on the doormat signal another late delivery. 4:15pm! long gone are the days when mail would arrive early in the morning, often before I left to work (when I was working) and another second delivery around lunchtime. No, today at best, we can expect only one delivery and due to staffing shortages and work practices, there is not set time when we will get a delivery, if at all.

Never the less, to have that familiar thud does herald the arrival of something potentially of interest. Well at least usually. Of late, we are receiving plastic charity bags, from organisations looking for old clothes, bric-a-brac to support many charities. Also local election fliers telling us how good a political party candidate is and how we will benefit, if only we put a cross against their name next week.

I gather up the delivered envelopes. Charity bag, flier, another flier a letter from the NHS telling me all letters will now be digital and to access an online account, and a larger envelope containing my subscribed ‘Garden Answers’ magazine. This and ‘Gardeners World’ magazine have been a life line to me personally over the last two years. A little contact with those who can help me make our garden beautiful. I look at the pictures and then at our own garden. Hmmm! work to do I think.

One of the articles is on the Chelsea Flower Show. After two years being held virtually and in September, it is now being staged at it’s normal time in May. And open to the public again. What hit me hard was the timing. Are we really only days away from May. Only 7 or 8 weeks away from this years longest day and the summer equinox on 21st June, and then, darker nights start arriving as each day then takes us to autumn.

We seem to have waited for so long now, hiding away to protect ourselves and our son from the COVID19 virus. Reduced immunity leaves our son vulnerable to infection and so we, like many others remain cautious about mixing and engaging with the world. Gardening magazines do their bit to help keep us in touch, but every day sees yet another day pass and soon we will likely have lost three years.

We make plans to try and create adventures for 2023. Praying that the virus continues to subside and allow us out. Time will tell πŸ™‚

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