Into the sunlight …

Winter. It can be a long, dark season. Health challenges can be the same. We spend long months dealing with the challenging consequences of serious illness. Many times giving into despair, wondering what the future will hold. Even, will there be a future.

And yet, as surely as winter eventually gives way to spring, the sun starts shining, rosebuds appear and a lighter mood returns. likewise, all of our days appear that little bit brighter too. Not through the serious conditions suffered having been cured. We understand only too well that they will not be. But an essential acceptance of those conditions and lifestyle changes to meet all needs is developed once again.

“There is always a way” we were once told. Though, ‘the way‘ may be totally unexpected, once found, and accepted, dealing with such challenges we need to, becomes so much easier.

Opportunities are abound. Focus and determination are required to uncover and access them, but they are there.

Life is for living, and though we face things very differently to many, that is what we will do …

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