May …

Blossom on the trees is disappearing again now. The deep pink of the Collingwood Ingram ornamental cherry all blown away and replaced with stunning foliage was first, then the Tai-Haku white cherry has also left the branches, the crab apple, Malus Evereste is hanging on, but only just. The year to date has revealed many beautiful flowers and the garden promises so much more. Last year we had so few fruits on the crab apple they had been eaten before I had chance to make up any jelly. This year, I hope for more.

The month also reveals some of those smaller, but still beautiful flowers, often hidden under the canopies of trees and shrubs, like the Lily of the Valley standing out so white in the damp shadows. Planted several years ago, at least, one or two were planted, the spread of them, forming carpets of mini white bells are through self seeding and naturalising. Some need to be lifted, potted up and passed on when they have appeared in inappropriate locations, but in the main I have left them alone to do their thing.

Another active self seeding flower showing itself this month is the brilliant yellow Welsh Poppy . At the end of the season, it disappears from site. Flowers gone, decaying leaves eaten by the Leopard slugs (the good guys in the garden) and you need to wait until April or May for them to show themselves again. That may be in the same area as they were previously, but guaranteed, is the growing of new ones – almost like Foxgloves – in locations that have welcomed their seeds. Keep an eye on these too, they may well come up where you do not want them and so you may want to reposition them.

As we enjoy our May garden, we already see signs of what will delight us in our June garden.

Bearded Iris, Roses, Lily’s Clematis, Gladioli, Ranunculus, Freesia, Hosta …. many flowers to arrive in the coming weeks, and also, much work to do. This year I do need to lift and divide many perennials. It is of benefit to them to be divided every two or three years to stimulate growth and also to provide you with additional plants.

As we do this, the designing of the garden itself will be looked at, again! as the plants are growing and maturing to the point we can divide them, it offers an opportunity to plant a scheme which when we started out, cost and suitability prevented us from doing this at the outset. Planning now is essential for delivering something very special from next year.

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