The rose …

At this time of year, the garden delivers something magical. The rose. So many varieties. So many types. So many colours and fragrances.

I have written many times how the garden helps our family with health issues, but the rose is the one that also helps me!

The song sings of harsh winters and emotions, and yet, it also sings of the response to the suns love turning into the rose. As each bud grows on the developing stems, petals forcing out of the protective shell, hinting at the colours hidden inside. And then, the magnificent of the bloom as it takes form and grows.

Climbers, Hybrid Teas, Miniatures, Ramblers, Bush, Standards, Half Standards, Old English, Shrub, Patio …. the list goes on, and yet each and every one delivers a boost to your wellbeing and lifts your heart.

Their season is not as long as some other shrubs and perennials, but wow, they do deliver with such an impact.

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