Month’s end …

As June comes to an end, I once again wonder where the year is racing to. It seems no time at all since we were looking at the first shoots of spring and now, so much has passed and the mid to late summer delights in the garden take over.

Planning for spring next year has begun. Cuttings being nurtured, seeds ordered, layouts reconsidered for when I can divide or move various plants.

Next year, I have decided that I must grow vegetables. I had a stab at it last year with some limited success, but I want to do so much better as time allows. My plan is to limit the range of veggies I grow so that I can give them the attention needed for succession growing and rotation. Favourites (and basics) of Tomatoes, Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroot, Sprouts and Cabbage will be my focus together with Lettuce. I will also look at growing fruits, with Apple, Rhubarb and Strawberry all high on my priority list. The area has been allocated and a number of raised beds and large pots installed ready. During the rest of the year I will add compost and organic matter, and allow the planting beds to settle.

Home grown fruit and vegetables are just wonderful to eat. Full of taste and always fresh. So far, I have only dabbled with them, but next year, I’m looking for substantial crops and with it, a healthier diet and cut back on transportation costs and pollution, not to mention a cost saving for our budget too.

Sticking with what I have tried a little with in the past and looking to perfect what I grow, it is also an ideal opportunity of involving our son in something constructive and ultimately healthy of both mind and body as he joins me at the raised beds and in the new polytunnel.

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