Loss …

It happens. So many nights of disturbed sleep. Constant watching and supporting. Tiredness and exhaustion. Emotionally drained. A spent force. Unable to see beyond the relentless need for my presence.

As a parent of a special needs child, – no longer a child, but a young adult with greater needs that increasing age brings – requires more from me as his health also deteriorates.

Resilience, and acceptance is key. There is no question in my willingness to care and support for him. My love is unconditional and endless. My energy and mojo lost.

Those who care for a loved one in similar situations to ourselves will understand only too well these periods that we go through. They are never written about in the text books about various disabilities or parenting a special needs child. But these times are hard. Not only the tiredness, not only the emotional emptiness, but the missing of meals due to the level of required care attention, impact on our own health, the loss of personal interests and isolation from friends or family.

Strength of character is paramount. Accept that we will go through these periods and develop a routine to regain focus and determination. It will pass, as sure as it will come again …

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