About me …

This blog is created to reflect a journey. That journey is the life of our son and his many achievements.

Living with multiple and complex disabilities, he sees the world differently than we do. Born with hydrocephalus, and later diagnosed with epilepsy, autism and learning disabilities, every day is a personal challenge for him.

A wheelchair user for the most part due to a right sided hemiplegia, he is partially sighted and has a hearing impairment.

Our son does however enjoy life. We manage adventures that within his restrictive world are great achievements of which we are so proud.

My wife and I aim to share our experiences as they happen and how we overcome, or not, the conditions that cause our son so many problems. We fight to enable him to live within an inclusive environment, breaking down barriers and creating awareness everywhere we can. We also talk about how we have used our garden to support him, and indeed ourselves in the treatment of calming his fears and easing his pains.

Together with a dog, and a cat, we hope you enjoy reading our journey as it unfolds.

Paul Fraser