Wintery Showers …

No one in their right mind should be outdoors gardening when the weather is like it is. Temperatures down to no more than +2C and a northerly wind adding to the chill factor. Sunshine suddenly sweeping across the garden, followed by heavy hail showers and freezing rain. Just enough time to walk swiftly around ourContinue reading “Wintery Showers …”

A Gardener’s Diary – 3rd Feb

Cold, wet, windy. My five minutes in the garden today was all too brief. I’ll do ten minutes tomorrow I tell myself. Sitting indoors with a hot mug of tea, and watching the early stages of the Winter Olympics on TV, Curling and Ice Hockey, I’m wracked with guilt that I could and indeed should,Continue reading “A Gardener’s Diary – 3rd Feb”

A Gardener’s Diary – 1st Feb

It’s my own fault. Who in their right mind would try and rake up leaves as the wind blows? The sun was shining this morning. The temperature is a balmy +11C and significantly higher than it has been of late. My enthusiasm to get out into the garden made me overlook some basic’s such asContinue reading “A Gardener’s Diary – 1st Feb”